The Herbalosophy Difference

Centuries of Historical Evidence Can't Be Wrong

Our knowledge of herbal lore has led us to the realization that nature provides us with all of the best and purest tools for beauty and well-being. Our nature-based ingredients are especially chosen for their ability to counteract the toll that age, environment and modern lifestyle have on the health of our hair and body

  • Modern-Day Natural

    Enhanced by “healthy science,” all of our products are infused with ingredients that are carefully selected for their centuries-proven benefits to hair and skin.

    We use natural over chemical wherever possible. Over 80% of our product ingredients are derived from botanicals, are free they typical harmful chemicals and perform above and beyond even the most demanding professional’s expectations.

  • Love Your Hair, Love Your Planet

    We go to great lengths to respect the planet’s well-being and minimize the impact our manufacturing process and packaging has. We insist on utilizing the latest state-of-the-art earth-friendly manufacturing and packaging practices. The packaging we use is recyclable in all possible instances

  • Love the Animals Too!

    Our formulas are free of animal ingredients and are
    not tested on animals.

    Our earth and animal-friendly policies exemplify what
    we see as an obligation to do our part in protecting
    the planet and all that rely on its continued health
    and stability.

  • Cost-Cutting Shortcuts are Bad for You

    As you might suspect, modern day formulations with cost-saving ingredient shortcuts have led us to products that are loaded with harmful, abrasive chemicals and additives. These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies via our skin/scalp, entering our system and effecting our health.