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Is Salon Shampoo Really Worth It?

From cut and color to styling, we invest a lot of time and effort in keeping our hair looking beautiful. After all, nothing beats a good hair day.With all the money we spend on beauty, there are times we may be tempted to cut corners. Of course, everyone wants to look their best, but when it comes to curbing our beauty spending, it can be difficult to decide when to splurge. You can probably get away with a good drugstore mascara, but when it comes to hair, a quality shampoo may make all the difference.Many women are willing to get styled in the salon, but that time and money goes right down the drain if you choose the wrong shampoo. So is salon shampoo really worth it? Let’s discuss.


This one is a no brainer. Regular shampoos rely on cut-rate prices and make profits by cutting costs by any means necessary. Cheap filler ingredients allow them to do just that.Salon shampoos are a little pricier for a reason. By focusing on quality ingredients, salon brands have high-performance formulas that can truly improve hair and give you bounce, body, and shine.If you want to strengthen or repair damaged hair, salon shampoos also offer more to get the job done compared to a basic shampoo.


Whether it’s covering a few stray grays, balayage, or a total hair color transformation, if you have ponied up for these salon services, a drugstore shampoo is not going to cut it.Salon shampoos are formulated to keep your color vibrant and fade-free, meaning less trips to the salon. Hair coloring services add up quickly, so a quality shampoo actually saves you money in the long run.If you’re searching for the best shampoo for colored hair, be sure to look at the label.Look for the words “sulfate-free”, and check for ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Those are the ones you’ll want to avoid to keep your color looking beautiful longer.


Let’s face it, regular shampoos may smell nice, but salon shampoos offer more sophisticated scents. Why smell like the masses when you can go luxe? It’s basically the difference between a Bath and Body Works fragrance vs. something special from a high-end department store. There’s simply no comparison.A great-smelling salon brand can be so intoxicating, it may even come to be your signature scent. And single ladies, listen up. Men love the exotic aroma of high-end shampoo. It’s a huge turn on...if he’s lucky enough to lean in for a whiff of your gorgeous hair.


Regular shampoos may promise shine, but they’re often loaded with silicones that can weigh hair down and leave it looking drab. A great salon shampoos boosts gloss naturally with nourishing oils and botanicals, which is a surefire way to amp up luster. One of the secrets to healthy looking hair is plenty of eye-catching shine. Professional shampoos aim to leave you looking like you just stepped out of the salon every time you wash. What could be better?


Regular shampoos are often loaded with harsh chemicals. Some people are more sensitive than others, but if you notice flaking, itching, or discomfort, a cheap shampoo might be to blame. Parabens and phosphates in drugstore shampoo can irritate your hair, scalp, and eyes. Ouch!Unlike cheapie shampoos which rely on irritating synthetic detergents, salon formulas may offer safer, healthier ingredients. Check the label to see what’s really inside the bottle. A quality shampoo will skip the chemical ingredients in favor of gentler cleansers.Another thing to look out for with regular shampoo is sulfates. Avoiding sulfates is the #1 way to keep hair healthy looking. Sulfates strip hair’s natural oils, leaving your tresses fragile, dull, and dry. To keep hair strong and healthy, look for a salon shampoo that’s sulfate free.Obviously not all salon brands are created equal, so be sure to read the ingredients and skip those heavy on the chemicals.


A less important, but still noticeable difference between salon and regular shampoos is density. Salon formulas tend to be more concentrated than their drugstore counterparts, which means you get more bang for your buck. A little salon shampoo goes a long way, compared to the entire palm full of regular shampoo you’d need to wash long or thick hair.As you can see, shampooing is about much more than simply keeping hair clean. The bottom line is that if you color your hair or suffer from dryness, dullness, and breakage, salon shampoos are definitely a worthwhile investment. A great shampoo can open up a whole new world of good hair days.With that said, some salon shampoos are worth the hype while others are simply overpriced. Always read the ingredients to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The more natural ingredients and the fewer chemicals you see, the better.Are you ready to make the switch?